The site has been fairly quiet this week as I took a Summer vacation with the family to the California Extreme even in San Jose, CA. That included time beyond the two days of the show, taking in the different sights that the Silicon Valley area of California has to offer.
At California Extreme, it was reported that the newcomer company Exa-Arcadia would be debuting their EXA platform to the West, and boy did they deliver. Here is a collection of news, videos and more that all revolve around this company and what they are bringing to the table.
The Interview – Sit-Down With Eric “ShouTime” Chung, Exa-Arcadia CEO
For the “quick” refresher, click here to our first news story about the platform that was published in February of this year.
For a longer, more in-depth and fresh update on the platform, here is the interview I recorded with ShouTime at CAX. Admittedly I should have written questions down in advance, but instead I just did whatever popped into my head Both of us were a bit tired and not feeling particularly photogenic, so we did this podcast style:

EXA News @ CAX 2018
If you follow me on Twitter, I was posting news during the panel discussion about EXA for all to enjoy. This continued to be STG/shmup heavy, but it sounds like that will cover the genre for now (the next round of news will involve fighters – a couple of items are going to be huge). For the tweets:
The card/smartphone system discussed in the interview above was unveiled here. One thing we didn’t talk about in the interview is the ability to stream your gameplay from EXA to Twitch, while creating a player account and being able to track other players as to what EXA games they are playing/streaming:

A card/smartphone system will be