The annual California Extreme event is approaching fast, set to begin this Saturday. A massive collection of arcade & pinball games will be on-hand to enjoy at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Santa Clara, CA over two days, but that’s not all. Quite a number of speakers will be on-hand talking about everything from how to improve your game in pinball to game post-mortems to arcade game design and more. I’ve yet to see the times posted for these, but either way between the games and the speaking events, attendees will be able to keep busy.
One exhibitor and keynote speaker on that list is at the focus of this post — an up-and-coming company that we’ve discussed on here a number of times, Exa-Arcadia. The EXA conversion kit system has been making waves in Japan since it was first announced at the JAEPO 2018 trade show this past February, and now the EXA board will be introduced in-person for the United States (as a note, this is an unveil and not the official release; that is coming “Q3 2018”).
For the initial EXA system unveil, six games will be making their appearance at CAX. These games are:

Aka & Blue Type-R
Strania EX
The Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ
Infinos EXA
Cosmic Digger 3671
Super Hydorah AC

On top of that, “a few more” new EXA titles will be announced for the first time. I will be attending CAX to get the in-person rundown on the whole system (so if any of you have any questions you would like me to ask of ShouTime, be sure to comment soon).
UPDATE: It had been previously mentioned on the blog that EXA would also be attending ReplayFX, but that is no longer the case. CAX will be the only US reveal event.
There are also three keynote events that might pique your