We’ve got more Exa-Arcadia news for you today, as the company has been able to continue work on various titles that are headed to arcades this year. Let’s get you up-to-speed!
Chaos Code -Exact Xeno Attack-
The final release from FK Digital is now shipping and available for operators to add to their Exa systems. This marks the 2nd fighter for the Exa-Arcadia, the first being Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ. It also ends up as the ‘ultimate edition’ of Chaos Code, which has been around for some time as discussed in previous posts.

Lightning Knights
Known as Iron Crypticle on home consoles, the name on this one changed and the most recent updates to the Exa website are now reflecting some of the differences that the arcade version will enjoy over the console cousins. At it’s core, this is still a fast-paced dungeon crawler in the vein of Smash TV (we haven’t had anything in either the RPG or twin stick shooter genre in a while), but they have reworked some of the elements so that there is a better flow for coin-op based arcade play. One of those changes is the removal of the bonus mini-game where you play a platformer, collecting coins and running from a big spiked wall.

Other changes now apparent (as shown in the completely new poster artwork above) are the additions of new characters, and changes to two others. All of them have a name now: Arthur (who looks like a play on Arthur from Ghosts ‘N Goblins), Forrest and the additions of women fighters, Poppy and Violet. The UI has changed up a little bit, and they’ve also added some voice acting, which you can catch in the new trailer below. There are various other changes to how this game plays, which is also why the name