This newsbytes is earlier than normal as I am headed to California for the California Extreme show, unsure of my time and internet access for such things. I will certainly post any big news as I am able to although Twitter will likely be the easiest place for sharing any item of that nature. Let’s start with the small arcade that was setup for the San Diego Comic Con (I recall when this was a Flynn’s themed event several years ago when TRON Legacy was getting teh hype):

#ReadyPlayerOne fans: Go inside The Oasis at #SDCC2018.
— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) July 21, 2018

Speaking of teh hype, be sure to check out my new Arcade Almanac!
New Sponsor: Touch Magix
As you likely noticed already, we have a new sponsor! It is thanks to the support of such sponsors as we have advertising here that helps keep the site going with the various costs involved with such a blog. Touch Magix is based out of India and has been turning some heads with their projection mapping technology. This tech has been integrated into a couple of original videmption games such as Magix Floor and Mannequin Challenge. Welcome!
Big Buck Championships XI Announced
Play Mechanix has announced this year’s venue and details on their next massive championship event. This year the #1 Big Buck Hunter in the world will walk away with $20,000 (as opposed to $15,000 for the #1 of previous years). But don’t worry – if you aren’t the best, they are still giving away big, albeit smaller, cash prizes. Watch for more details including the venue…I won’t spoil it in the text

Halo: Fireteam Raven Reviewed By IGN
Despite the current vibrancy that the arcade market is enjoying, it is still fairly rare for mainstream video game sites to recognize the existence of new games,