A new pinball arcade just opened in Brookfield Illinois called Galloping Ghost Pinball.

The Galloping Ghost Pinball arcade in Brookfield, Illinois

It is located two blocks east of the main Galloping Ghost Arcade that opened in 2010. There is a $15.00 admission fee to play all the pins that are set on free play. Admission to both the arcade and pinball buildings is $30.00. The pinball building is open from 11am to 11pm every day of the year. No alcohol is served, but soft drinks are sold there.

Both locations are owned by Doc Mack. The video game arcade always had a few pins from the beginning, but Doc Mack now has a separate building that has nothing but pinball machines.

One of the two rooms of pinballs

The collection of over 30 pins includes pretty much all feature titles with themes in which Dock Mack is interested: video games and movie/TV science fiction and horror.

Some of the horror themed pins

The super-rare Alien and Predator pins

On this visit neither pin above was playable but hopefully that will be addressed shortly.

The Monster Bash LE remake pin

I think his collection includes all the pinball machines that were based on video game titles. I forgot how many different video game themed pins were made to compete with video games back during the video game craze in the early 1980s.

Joust – one of the most unusual pins I have ever seen

Another video game themed pin

Pinballs featuring video game monitors along with the video game styled Varkon

The very rare and clever Varkon pinball machine

The pins are located in two rooms with a third room being added soon. Doc Mack told me a The Munsters pin and an Attack From Mars remake pin may be added soon.

More video game pins in the second room

The Pinbot trilogy lined-up together

I am fortunate to live nearby to the Galloping Ghost Pinball arcade. I will be going back often to play their large collection of fun pins.

Two popular Pat Lawlor-designed pins

Always nice to have some classic Williams pins to play

Always good to see an EM pin on location

One of the