Back in October of last year, we ran news the JAMMA-based “Airframe” platform would be getting a new game called Rashlander. Airframe, as you might recall, is the first JAMMA based kit to have launched in a while, coming to us from Griffin Aerotech (developers of Skycurser). While a neat idea to help refresh older game cabinets, the platform has been left wanting for content as Skycurser has been the only title available for it since units began shipping in April 2017.
What is Rashlander?
Where Skycurser was a side scrolling shoot ’em up, Rashlander is a bit different than that.  To quote the website:

RASHLANDER is a lander-roguelike that feels like sliding slowly across an icy parking lot while dodging every SUV and Smart Car before settling miraculously into a perfect parallel park. Except in space. And everything is exploding.
While most gravity space games like this seem to follow Atari’s vector aesthetic of the late ’70s/early ’80s, this eschews that for something that is closer to mid-80s computers. The shader effects are modern however, providing for some fantastic light & shadow effects along with a hint of stereoscopic 3D. The soundtrack also features heavy influences from ’80s computers & game machines.
I received a list of features to mention, here you go:

Easy to understand, difficult to master
Modern gameplay that “makes sense” next to Classic titles
Designed with Speedrunners and High Score Chasers in mind
Operator Menu with Freeplay options and Difficulty Settings
Overall and Daily High Score tables
Thumping original soundtrack by Fat Bard, the prolific musical duo whose magic touch appears in work for Disney, WB Games, and Butterscotch Shenanigans

Here’s a trailer – it’s almost a year old now, so it’s possible that the game has seen some changes since, but this should still provide a solid idea of how it works:

A few