The hits just keep on coming thanks to the Exa-Arcadia platform, as more games are not available to purchase for owners of the coin-op platform.
Before we get into those however, I want to point out another piece of news that isn’t in the headline – FK Digital’s Chaos Code has received a new name: Chaos Code ExactXenoAttack (or Chaos Code EXA). This will serve as the definitive version of the Chaos Code game with some EXA exclusive features:
All right, let’s take a look at the other titles.
Gimmick! exAct☆Mix
The first title that is 100% exclusive to the platform (as in no other versions of this exist out there, apart from the rare NES original from 27 years ago) is also the first real platformer that arcades have seen in a very long time. While platformers got started in arcades with the likes of Space Panic & Donkey Kong, the genre usually took a back seat to other genres in the coin-op space, although I suppose that you could make an argument that run’n gun titles are platformers mixed in with shoot ’em ups.
Anyways, Gimmick! exAct☆Mix has been developed by TEAM EXA1-AM1 with Sunsoft’s blessing, looking to faithfully recreate the NES original, while adding new features. From the updated product page:
Gimmick! exAct☆Mix delivers smooth and detailed new graphics, an arranged soundtrack, and emphasized scoring mechanics to the original cult classic. A new Time Attack mode has been added, allowing for both new players to practice later stages, and for experienced players to compete for the best completion time. Stages may also be played in an alternate order with the Stage Edit function, keeping players of all skill levels coming back for more.
Let me stress again that this has been developed as an exclusive to the Exa-Arcadia platform, with no console/Steam release in Exa’s