Hello and welcome back to Lodi for continuing coverage of the GSPF 2018.
It’s another hot sunny day but inside the three show halls it’s decidedly cool for the continuation of the set-up.  More and more machines began sporting the yellow Post-It notes indicating they have been leveled and are ready to play.
More machines in the EM zone
Woodrails in the EM zone
More woodrail pinballs
EM games from Bally, Williams and Keeney
Lots more EM pinballs
A little further back into the Chardonnay Hall are the two machines which are prizes for the raffle.  Draws are held on Saturday and Sunday and tickets cost $5 each.  The winner of Saturday’s draw gets to choose which of the two machines they would like.
The raffle prizes – Lethal Weapon 3 and Fire!
In addition to the two raffle draws, there is a silent auction for a wide range of items – both coin-op-related and more generic products.
The tables with the silent auction items
More items in the silent auction
There’s an Alien game at the show too
Plus a P3 and America’s Most Haunted
ColorDMD had a nice group of games featuring their multi-colour displays.
Games sporting ColorDMD displays
Yes, The Dude made it
More of the DMD machines
Meanwhile, over in the Cabernet Hall, the tournament games were getting some final tweaks before the start of the pin-golf.
The tournament area
In another corner of the same hall, the Pacific Pinball Museum had their Mini-JuJu Airstream containing five pinballs.
The Mini-JuJu
Inside the Airstream
Inside the Airstream
The show opened at 1pm, but games were still being set up as the top of the hour approached.
Not quite ready
Finally, with minutes to spare, the last finishing touches were made.
Clean the glass and we’re good to go
Time to power up all the Stern games
This Iron Maiden Pro has a speaker lights kit from Mezel Mods
As the doors opened, there was a lengthy queue of guests waiting to enter.
The queue to get in as the doors opened
The first few guests through the door purchase their wristbands
Wristbands for everyone
The first of the Pinball University talks began at 2:30pm on Friday with Rob Anthony of Pinball Classics demonstrating his soldering techniques.
Rob Anthony wielding his soldering iron