Welcome to this weekend’s edition of Newsbytes, where we cover some quick arcade news from the week.
Happy Halloween!
It’s Halloween, and there is no shortage of games with a Halloween themed arcade games that have graced the scene over the years. I recently got my hands on two of them, both by Sega. Due to time restraints, I was only able to capture some of the House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn; The other one I have is Luigi’s Mansion Arcade. In another problem, there are several audio channels, and I found out after recording that this capture below missed the voice overs. Still, here are the boss fights from Scarlet Dawn, sans VO but all captured from the real thing.

Updates From Pinball Expo; Celt Pinball
This should have been done a couple of weeks ago, but I missed it. The Virtual Pinball Expo was held on the 19th of October, held via Twitch. That link has all of the videos from the event that you can check out if you are so inclined to spend some time on it; There was a hint at a Harry Potter pinball machine, but it sounded like a fantasy tease rather than credible “for sure” rumor like we normally hear about.
Also, coming via This Week In Pinball, we have a new pinball machine from Australian-based Haggis Pinball called Celts. It’s their first game and will be limited in production to 200 units; It’s kind of a blend of old school EM pinball with a bunch of modern upgrades (screen in the playfield which is kind of like what Heighway Pinball had done; LED lighting; molded toys). This trailer shows it in action with various features; You can order one here for around $7k USD (it was on sale for $6k in the month of October,