When the P3 Pinball Platform from Multimorphic was first revealed by Pinball News back in 2012, we gave extensive coverage of its technological advancements and its modular system which allowed new games to be slotted into a base cabinet to provide a wide variety of titles, playfield layouts and gameplay options without having to purchase a whole new machine each time.

The original P3 machine

The internal and external hardware underwent several reworkings and refinements in the following months, so that it ended up looking much more like a traditional pinball shape, even if the interior build and the technology under the playfield was anything but.

The final design was really locked-down when Multimorphic released their first full-featured game for the P3, Lexy Lightspeed – Galaxy Girl.

The game was further developed to become Lexy Lightspeed – Escape from Earth and rapidly established its role as the company’s showcase title, demonstrating the ball-tracking, walls and scoops, rotary ball lock and a comprehensive art package which showed the possibilities of dynamic playfield art.

One of the first production P3s

Several simpler mini-games followed – ROCs, Barnyard, Heads Up!, Wizard, Cannon Lagoon, Grand Slam Rally, Hoopin’ It Up! and Secret Agent Showdown – using a mix of existing and new playfield module designs, but it wasn’t until one of the original launch titles – Cosmic Cart Racing – was ready for release in 2018 that we got to see the second full-featured title.

Cosmic Cart Racing 2.0 featured an impressive upper playfield module festooned with RGB LEDs to produce an amazing lightshow alongside an innovative ball lock system which holds balls on the ramps.

The Cosmic Cart Racing upper playfield module

That game went on to acquire networked multi-player capabilities, allowing players in locations around the globe to link over the internet and battle each other.

Now, Multimorphic have revealed their third full-featured game, complete with a dedicated upper playfield module and comprehensive gameplay package. Meet Heist!

The backbox display image for Multimorphic’s new Heist! game

The name alone gives you a good idea of the theme and the overall objective but to flesh out the storyline a little, the action takes place in