We finally come to a close of our IAAPA 2018 coverage, this year taking a bit longer to get to it all than usual as I’ve been occupied with managing work from multiple directions. Better late than never I suppose!
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This final post will focus on the Augmented and Virtual Reality attractions that have been sweeping up R&D dollars, as well as bolstering floor space on trade show floors. Although before we dive into that, some overall thoughts, putting the “final” verdict at the top.
The Verdict
This year was host to an incredible show, something that was fitting of a 100th anniversary for the IAAPA organization. The amount of energy was reflective of the creativity and and prosperity that we’re seeing happen out there.
As arcade operators, we have a lot of great games that we can bring to our locations. As players, there are many great games to play which cover a variety of tastes – classic style, modern casual style, titles that span various genres, etc. No, not every game might be your “cup ‘o tea,” but most gamers should find something that they can enjoy – just as long as they don’t approach every game with impossibly high expectations (such as the “this can never be better than what I played in ’82” attitude).
In the most recent issue of Replay Magazine, Eugene Jarvis was quoted as saying that he hasn’t seen the industry as vibrant as it is now. Unfortunately I do not have the exact quote in front of me as someone put my copy away and can’t remember where it went. But that was the gist of it, and it was striking for him to make such a statement. 
By all counts that I see, 2019 should be a great