There’s no rest for the weary as the saying goes, and for me, that is certainly going to be the case for the next week. I had the great opportunity to spend the past five days in Orlando, FL attending the IAAPA 2018 trade show, so now it’s time to bring everyone up to speed on what was there and what the landscape of arcades will be like come 2019.
I may do a Vlog about this – if I can find the time. But with over 100GB of video shot at the show, and business at the arcade ramping up as I also look into expanding into my first route location, I’ve got my work cut out for me going into the “holiday season.”
The Personal Side of IAAPA
Before we get to the news though, I wanted to thank everyone who was gracious with their time. Catching up with many of you and meeting many readers is another happy perk of the “job” (I have never thought of this blog as such, so I say that facetiously). In fact, I met many more people who are readers at this event than at any other IAAPA previous. Once again, I’m honored to have you as my readers – I really appreciate the support.
Among the other personal interactions, I was invited to play The Beatles with Roger Sharpe. He noticed me watching him play and invited me to take on Player 2. I always enjoy watching pro level players play, but it was great to play a game with him offering encouragement and advice (as I am in no way a top level player ).

It’s always a delight and an honor to play some #pinball with the legendary (and super nice) Roger Sharpe:
— Arcade Heroes @ IAAPA 2018 (@arcadeheroes) November 15, 2018