Time for another look at what was at the IAAPA 2018 trade show, marking post #3. My apologies about these taking longer than usual to get posted; the video edits in addition to working at the arcade & prepping for opening up a small operation south of here has been extremely time consuming. But we’ll get everything covered…eventually.
In case you missed them:
IAAPA 2018 Wrap Up #1
IAAPA 2018 Wrap-up #2
Here are the games you will find below:

Derby Champion Club (UNIS)
Sniper Strike & AR Tanks War (Hua Tai Bai Shun)
Poogie Race (Capcom/Andamiro USA)
Typhoon: 10th Anniversary Edition (Trio Tech)
Spins Ahoy! (Team Play)
Dicey Jump & Hop ‘N’ Stack (Touch Magix)
Bounty Ranger (Wahlap)
LED Carnival Games by Aquaventronics

Derby Champion Club (UNIS)
Motion-based jockey games are not exactly plentiful in the business, but they have been around before. UNIS in particular had one for sale a few years ago, but it disappeared for a while, only to reappear as this game below. The horse shaped motion seats sure do attract attention, then the flash of the cabinet, the big screens and such complete it all. The game itself is definitely an improvement over the last jockey game that UNIS did, with much improved graphics that helps this one play better. It really would be prudent if this one didn’t have “Club” as a part of the name though, as it does make you think about the Sega horse/jockey management game.

Sniper Strike (Hua Tai Bai Shun)
Waaaay back in 2014, we ran a story about the strange, yet cool cabinets designed by a Chinese company called Hua Tai Bai Shun.  Since then, I don’t recall hearing anything about the company, but in finding their booth, they are certainly still focused on creating elaborate and unusual arcade pieces.
As mentioned in the video, this one was far off from where the arcade