About a month since IAAPA 2018 ended, and we’re finally approaching the end of the news. If you’ve been following Arcade Heroes on YouTube or Bitchute, then you have seen these videos already, but I’m offering a little more information in the text below to essentially review the games based on what I played.
For previous Wrap-ups:

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For the games you’ll find here

Monster Eye 2 (IGS/Wahlap)
Overtake DX & Overtake VR (IGS/Wahlap)
Hero of Steel & Robot Storm (Coast To Coast)
Jelly Belly Ticket Beananza (Sega Amusements)
Daytona Championship USA New Season Edition (Sega Amusements)
Several titles in the realm of AR/VR/motion theaters

VR is next, as I’m working on a VR overview video, although I need to borrow some footage from other sources for a few things on that one so it’s taking a little bit of extra time.
Monster Eye 2 (IGS/Wahlap)
We previously showed footage of Bounty Hunter and now its time for Wahlap’s headliner, Monster Eye 2. You might recall reading about or have seen the original Monster Eye, which was released in 2014. I didn’t get the chance to spend a lot of time on this one as I only came across it the last day of the show and I was running around filming everything that I had missed (even then, I still ended up missing quite a few things I would have liked to have got to). Overall it played like you would expect such a game to play, the motion wasn’t too crazy and the graphics are solid.

Overtake (IGS/Wahlap)
I’ve seen Wahlap’s Overtake several times in the past, although I hadn’t seen it in the two configurations below – the DX and VR models. Both versions incorporate a motion seat into the action, but the game is rather different in VR mode. The VR version reminds me a little