Day 1 of the IAAPA Expo 2019 event has come and gone, and boy was it a loooong one. That’s not to say it wasn’t fun though (it just gets a little exhausting to stand & walk that much )
Here are some impressions that I’ll share with you from the various games at the show so far…I didn’t get a chance to play everything, but I did get to a few.
#IAAPA2019 Day 1! Nitro Trucks, Mario & Sonic, Outnumbered, Crazy Ride, GunArena, Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission & more! Here’s a video of it all, but if you prefer to read, I have more impressions below.

Mission: Impossible Arcade (Sega)
Revealed a short time ago, this licensed multiplayer shooter made it’s debut at the show, but unfortunately Sega had to clamp down on photos/videos of it due to the licensor (Paramount Studios). Such a practice is common in Japan, although it’s not something we’re accustomed to in the States, and it’s too bad.
I did spend some time with the game and can tell you what I thought about it though, through the magic of VLOGing.
As a reminder, most of these games are still in prototype form and may change, or may not be released at all!

Nitro Trucks (Play Mechanix/ Raw Thrills)
I won’t repeat what I already dedicated a whole post to, so click here if you’re interested in that. Oh, and there’s this official trailer now:

Big Buck Reloaded – Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission (Play Mechanix/ Raw Thrills)
While I didn’t play the new Reloaded Big Buck experience yet, I did try out Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission. It takes the second part of the game (where you are being chased by a giagantic terminator through the ruined city) and updates that with new, sharper graphics, adjusted pacing (since the gun being used is a shotgun)