IAAPA 2019 is just over a week away, and as such we’ve got more info on what you can expect to see at the trade show.
I will be doing a full IAAPA 2019 preview video next week, but this will focus on two companies for the moment: LAI Games and ICE.
LAI Games
LAI offered an almost full preview of their line-up with the launch of a preview webpage that mainly shows off what they will have. The headliner here is Outnumbered, a game that I’ve covered on the site several times and in as much depth as I could get. The final release of The Big Expansion software for their Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride will be there too. Beyond that it is redemption focused with their Augmented Reality alley bowler (Amazing Alley), a new pusher title, LAI’s take on the ticket eater, some of their previous titles like Let’s Bounce and a tease of a new sports game that is focused on baseball pitching. Since we’ve seen Outnumbered a few times, let’s share a video they posted of Amazing Alley:

I also noticed that they included a game on the “Lineup revealed” image that wasn’t mentioned on the page – Toy Frenzy. I did a little digging and found this page with a video of it, although it does not allow for embedding here. It looks like a sequel to their old Shooting Mania game, but now with mounted light-guns instead of buttons and enhanced gameplay. Probably only can be played for tickets, but we’ll find out soon enough.
ICE decided to go with the more subtle route on their tease, simply tweeting out this image with three games in silhouette.  The one in the center is definitely Centipede Chaos (thanks to the marquee; see below the tweet to compare), but the