Following up from the Day #1 post, I was so busy that I couldn’t do a Day #2 and Day #3 post like I had wanted to do, so I’ll just call this Official IAAPA 2019 Post #2.
With the show now over, I can offer a review on my thoughts and impressions from the event from an overall perspective. Per the preliminary numbers, this was the busiest IAAPA Expo ever, with 42,600 people registered to attend (it is difficult to nail down the exact number of who was actually there). The first two days were incredibly packed, with things calming down for Thursday and Friday.
Before we get too far in, let me say a big thank you to every one I met, who provided info or just chatted. It was an enjoyable show, and I am grateful for all of you who read the site and for your compliments. If I missed you, then hopefully we’ll be able to catch up at the next event (probably Amusement Expo in New Orleans).
Outside of attendees, the thing that impressed me from the show was the product variety. You had your driving & gun games of course, but new takes on some of those, along with rhythm games, retro-inspired games and more. Combining mechanical with the virtual continues on strong, as does the combination of VR onto traditional arcade cabinets.
While Post #1 covered a lot of the games, it wasn’t everything, so let’s get you up-to-speed on the rest. NOTE: I captured a lot of video from the show, but it’s so much, and writing this all down also takes time, that I won’t be able to wait just to cut & render all of the videos together before writing about it. Just stay tuned to the AH YouTube or Bitchute channel for