Let’s continue our coverage of the IAAPA Expo 2019 event, but before jumping into that, here are links to the first two stories (In case you missed them)
IAAPA 2019 Post #1
IAAPA 2019 Post #2
This post will be media heavy, but should include some tidbits of news that was not covered in the videos so far and in the previous IAAPA posts. This also won’t still cover everything that was at the show…perhaps by Post #4!
As I was putting this post together, I remembered what it was that I really liked about this IAAPA – variety. While I heard some say “oh, it was just another trade show, nothing interesting,” I guess that’s one of those “eye of the beholder” opinions. In my view, this was an awesome expo, driven by a larger number of unique releases than we’ve seen in a while. I like light-gun and driving games as much as the next guy, but it’s the stuff that tries to do something really different that I am drawn to. I keep seeing complaints from a vocal minority online about how the industry doesn’t do anything “really crazy anymore,” but so often the complaints are not verbalized with a solid example of what “crazy” is or why things have to be that way to make this business “valid.” Not everything has to be a full-blown simulator to be fun or interesting. We still have those, but there’s plenty of good to be found if you look for it. That all said, let’s dive in to Part 3.
A Quick Note On VR At IAAPA
Since I haven’t had a chance to compile everything on VR yet, this Forbes article can suffice for now, with the Barron Games Koliseum Foosball VR table getting the strongest nod of the IAAPA VR bunch.
I’ll get to