IAAPA Expo 2019 closed a couple of weeks ago, but it was busy enough to provide content for plenty of blog posts.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get to these posts as quickly as I would have liked, but better late than never I suppose! In case you missed our previous coverage, then here are the handy links below:
IAAPA Expo 2019 #1
IAAPA Expo 2019 #2
IAAPA Expo 2019 #3
While I’ve already covered Sega in those prior posts, Sega Amusements posted this highlights video from the show this week, where you do get to see Mission: Impossible Arcade sort of in action (which was banned for filming by anyone else). Hopefully we’ll be able to get some proper screenshots and/or video of this one in action before it appears at EAG 2020.

It had also been mentioned that UNIS had a lot to show at their booth, debuting several new pieces in video arcade entertainment. To Tha Net was one of their biggest ones, garnering a ton of attention from show attendees. While most basketball games are nothing to write home about, adding the video game element to them certainly helps in adding depth to what you can do here. The video also includes footage of their Disc It For Tickets game:

Not to be overlooked was their new driving game that gained a lot of attention when it was revealed a few months back, Crazy Ride. This modern take on the Crazy Taxi concept comes with a motion base, a touchscreen GPS-style monitor on the control panel and some vibrant graphics; It just needs some tweaking in my view (getting rid of/changing the green arrow at the top; doing more voiceovers; providing a way to collect more time & spacing potential riders out a little more). I noticed that there were a