We had heard great things about Bulls & Balls in Fulda, Germany, but never visited ourselves to see what all the fuss was about.  So, when IFPA Country Director, Tobias Wagemann, invited us to the IFPA Midsommar Tournament weekend he was organising, we jumped at the chance.
Although we had been to Germany many times, we’d never been to Fulda or the Hesse region, so this was a new experience for us and Fulda didn’t disappoint with its Baroque architecture nestled side-by-side with much more recent, but sympathetic, designs in the newer part of the city.
The Stadschloss in Fulda
The Cathedral in Fulda
A view over the newer part of the city
We after checking-in to our hotel, we arrived at Bulls & Balls around 6pm on Friday which was just in time for the start of the first competitive event of the weekend, the Warm-Up Tournament.
Bulls & Balls is jointly-owned by Matthias Klüber and Jürgen Gärtner.  It is located a little way out of Fulda’s central area, but pretty much everything in Fulda is reachable on foot, so even from our hotel (the B&B Hotel which was the opposite side of town and which Matthias very kindly provided for us), it was only around a 20-minute walk to get there.  And, as you can see, the weather was good and the temperatures very pleasant for October.
The driveway to Bulls & Balls
To get to Bulls & Balls, first you walk up the driveway and past a car garage, then turn left behind the garage.
Yes, this is the right way
Once there, you find a number of outdoor tables and benches, and a limited amount of car parking.
The entrance to Bulls & Balls
You might notice in the picture above how some of the tables are built from stacked beer crates.  This is a theme you’ll see repeated quite a few times during this report.
So, let’s take a quick tour of Bulls & Balls to show you where everything is.
The entrance you can see in the picture above, but once through the doors you come to the lobby which is where everyone hangs out between rounds when