With our recent focus on indie arcade games, there’s plenty going on in the realm of arcade video development. I do hope to have a “Coming Soon” indies video to accompany the Currently Available titles, all before IAAPA, if possible. One of those will be a new one that is in development for the Neo Geo MVS and AES platform by the name of Project Neon.
The MVS has been no stranger to new developments, thanks to the likes of NG: Dev Team, but this title is not coming from NGDT. In development by an Australian team called Fullset, Project Neon is looking to further boost the MVS’ shoot ’em up repertoire. To help fund this effort, they have launched a Kickstarter, that as of this writing has collected a little over $6,000, with $34,480 set as their goal. Here’s the promo video:

I’ll just borrow some of the features from the Kickstarter page (phoning it in here, I know )

Rock solid 60fps action, parallax scrolling and beautiful animated sprites
Five distinctive levels and screen-filling end boss fights
Vibrant pixel-art graphics
Huge variety of enemies and weapons
Tight controls with dedicated focus on minimal/zero lag
Co-op mechanics
A strangely familiar antagonist

They have the standard cartridges (for both MVS and AES) at a pledge of AU $450 or more (currently $309 USD); a collectors edition is going to be available for $100AU more. The CE’s will have a Shockbox storage case, a Project Neon coffee cup & T-Shirt; printed support materials (instructions, poster, marquee) and a sprite sticker sheet. If you pledge $1,500AU, then you can get the MVS Arcade Operator Edition, which adds a “Commercial arcade operator license.” I’m not sure what that is supposed to be for the extra $1,000~, but it will include everything that the CE has.
It’s Kickstarter, so you never really know, but the