It’s been a long journey for the retro-styled multiplayer “drinkcade” that had first been known as Tipsy Raccoons, but after a couple of years and a lot of work, the indie produced arcade game now known as Retro Raccoons is available for arcades to grab via Incredible Technologies.
If you hadn’t heard of either version of the game, let’s get you up to speed. This originally started off as a game made for the many bar/arcades out there, where you were required to place your adult beverage into the cup holder assigned to your raccoon. Lose, and you have to sip. The game itself is more than just ‘a’ game – it’s a mini-game compilation, with a pool of retro-styled levels and games that it pulls from on every play.
For Retro Raccoons, the original developer Glitchbit teamed up with Incredible Technologies (best known for Golden Tee Golf) to improve the game so that it can reach a broader audience – and work in situations that are not bars.  That’s not to say it won’t work for the bar, as it does have a “Drinkcade Mode” (sips on/off) for those specific situations. If your venue doesn’t serve drinks though, then you’ll want the Arcade Mode (Cash or freeplay).
Here is the game from Amusement Expo 2019 a year ago; Adam Wray of Glitchbit stated that “The cabinets you see at Amusement Expo will be unlike the others you’ve seen in the past, although similar.” That will also include several more mini-games than what Tipsy Raccoons had shipped with. Three cabinets will be available at the New Orleans show (Booth #729), and there will be a “Happy Hour” taking place at 3PM on Tuesday. Stay tuned for photos and footage of the final version of the game!

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