Teased back at the beginning of January, Incredible Technologies recently issued a press release, a new trailer, and a new cabinet design for their flagship game title, Golden Tee. The new title is known as Golden Tee PGA Tour, which sports an official PGA license for the first time in the franchise’s history. With the new updates, let’s take a look at what this new arcade game has to offer.
First the cabinet. It was 2007 that saw the introduction of the “Showcase Pedestal” concept, something that has become something of a norm for modern arcade designs throughout the 2010s, even occasionally being adapted and applied to Deluxe games like Nerf Arcade. This new game maintains some of the classic GT pedestal ideas while upgrading it with a sharper look enhanced by blue LEDs behind the monitor mount and underneath the control panel. Given that it’s always been more of a bar game, I’m surprised it took this long to officially get cupholders built into the cabinet, but better late than never:
You’ll also notice that it no longer sports a standard coin door, just offering a lone bill acceptor in the center. It also supports NFC login and payments (both Apple & Android-based payment systems are supported), and a touchscreen that replaces the old keypads.
Gameplay-wise, it looks similar to the Golden Tee you know and love, with these additions:

3 official PGA TOUR courses plus over 80 Golden Tee courses from GT2021.
New game modes
Subscription service provides year-round content delivered via WIFI.

Per the FAQ on the page’s product description, this game will launch this spring only for commercial locations. In part that is done to help give locations a boost, since a home edition would harm already struggling venues. They do state that a Home Edition will be offered to those users eventually,