When it comes to “traditional” arcade games like pool/billiards, air hockey, foosball, and shuffleboard, creative innovations are generally few and far between. Out of those categories, air hockey has seen the most changes in recent years, from square tables to projection mapping to puck dispensers and more.  When it comes to shuffleboard though, that is one type of game we don’t mention very often as it hasn’t rocked the boat much at all.
Until now, with Fozzy Football.
Fozzy Football is an independently made project that is billed as the “the world’s first full-sized football table game,” combining the complete rules of American football with shuffleboard. 2 players take turns sliding the pucks across the field, aiming to land them on certain game rules found on the opposite end. This video introduces the game, starting with the game’s creator, Steve Braun, explaining a little about the development process before showing it off around the 1:06 mark:

After watching that, I reached out to Steve and asked a few questions to gather more info. The prototype model shown above is not coin or bill operated, designed for locations that typically have a time fee pay model just like most locations that handle pool or shuffleboard (hand over your driver’s license then pay x amount for an hour or just pay for time spent afterwards). He has been talking with Fun Company about manufacturing, so I imagine that they will see if a pay-per-play model is feasible too, although with the likes of shuffleboard that also isn’t common (coin-op shuffleboard uses a device called a pingate, which prevents people from using a table free play. Most tables I’ve come across don’t have such a feature). Steve also mentioned that there would be other improvements made to the game, so we will have to wait and