The Japan Amusement Expo (JAEPO) has begun, and with it a flurry of news. I have already posted a thread dedicated to the many announcements that will be coming about from the Exa-Arcadia platform; this one is focusing on the initial set of news coming out of the big developers. Expect additional posts covering JAEPO to also appear over the weekend.
Konami has a plethora of scheduled tournaments on their many Bemani arcade titles, but they have new games to unveil as well.
Dance Dance Revolution 20th Anniversary Edition – The dance game that set the standard for the industry to follow celebrates 20 years on the market and is doing so in luxurious style. Here’s the official cabinet shot, showing that Konami is going for the golden standard:
BemaniStyle has a number of photos of this one to look at if you check them out on Twitter.
Eldora Crown – Not much to tell on this one yet, it looks like an RPG, but nothing else was said about this apart from having e-amusement support.

Baseball Collection – A data card based game that vends cards from baseball players that belong to a variety of real teams.

Speaking of Konami, Sega and Konami have settled a QR code dispute and are collaborating together on e-money payments for arcade machines. Translated details can be found here.
Nothing revealed at the Sega booth so far indicates a game that I’d expect to see Stateside, but sometimes there’s a surprise that is hiding in a corner somewhere.
WCCF Footista – Way back when this site first started, Sega Amusements Europe did bring a few WCCF cabinets over to the UK, but it hasn’t enjoyed such attention since then. The latest version of WCCF is on display at JAEPO; if you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a soccer/football game that uses