Another arcade trade show has come and gone, but this one has really stirred things up thanks to the Exa-Arcadia platform, guaranteeing a larger amount of content for arcades to enjoy. As a lot of the news was covered in the first JAEPO post, I’ll only be including items here that are new, such as release dates or videos, so some info might be short.
But before we get into what else has been collected on that front, Sega created a video to showcase another trade show that just happened in London, EAG. Here’s that, then let’s jump into JAEPO:

Attendance was up in terms of total people that visited the show, although they didn’t repeat as often (that’s what the “net visitor” number is). 84,000+ makes it attended by twice as many people as IAAPA, although the venue is much smaller and there is certainly a draw that came just to compete in the many tournaments that were held.
Exa-Arcadia – So what’s the big deal?
On the “sizzle reel” video that I posted about the Exa-Arcadia platform, someone stated that they “don’t get the hype” behind the platform. To kind of get into that, I’ve thrown together this lengthy vlog below; but if you don’t want to watch all of it (at least you can skim through it ) the short of the issue is: This is a modern Neo Geo MVS. Conversion kits have been a rarity in the modern arcade industry. The last one Japan got was Akai Katana in 2009; in the West, you’ve had Redline Rampage in 2014 and Dream Raiders to Let’s Go Island kits in 2016. Not really extensive pickings and it’s also been terrible for collectors.
You can’t just buy a Sega Ringedge or Taito Type X3 board and throw it into any cabinet you want