It’s February, and these days that means it’s JAEPO time. JAEPO is the Japan Amusement Expo and with this event, we get a deluge of news from the arcade sector that is based out of Japan. There was quite a bit to cover last year, and there is plenty to look at this time.
Here is what has been revealed so far; taken from Japanese news sources like, Game Watch and Twitter. Also, thanks to The Stinger Report and Arcade Belgium for highlighting certain stories that I almost overlooked, such as our first headline:
Sega & Taito Announce Joint Agreement On Network Services
If I understand this correctly, this should expand the amount of content between the two services and allow venues with a NESiCA begin to access All.Net P-ras Multi 3 content. The question for me is how will the fees be handled? One thing we don’t hear about often are the heavy fees for using these services, which is one major driver for the creation of the Exa-Arcadia platform (which doesn’t have any fees apart from the purchase of the hardware & game carts).
Speaking of Exa, they are not attending this event like they did last year, but they will soon hold a “festival” event that will include announcements and allow the public to get some hands on time with the games.
Sega has a busy roster of games, that they showcased with this trailer immediately below, although I don’t seen anything new (i.e., that we haven’t seen previously) that seems destined for a Western release:

JAEPO開幕! セガの現在のアミューズメントタイトルのラインナップ映像を、「虹色侍」さんによるエモーショナルな歌詞と楽曲とともに贈ります。JAEPO会場で公開している映像を、ぜひご覧ください。#セガJAEPO2020 #JAEPO2020 #虹色侍
— セガ公式アカウント (@SEGA_OFFICIAL) February 7, 2020

We’ve mentioned Ninja Trainer before, and it looks like it’s ready to release(I haven’t found mention of a launch date though).

今年稼働予定の『#ニンジャトレーナー アーケード』もセガブースに出展中!
ダーツの技術を応用し、実際に手裏剣を打って楽しめる本機は、 #ダーツライブ が開発を手掛けています。明日の一般日にご来場予定の皆さま、挑戦をお待ちしています。セガJAEPO2020 #JAEPO2020
— セガ公式アカウント (@SEGA_OFFICIAL) February 7, 2020

The 2020 Arcade Edition of Mario & Sonic Olympics