In June we had another opportunity to visit Seattle and check out a very small selection of the city’s many great pinball locations.
We always pay Shorty’s a visit on every trip to pump some quarters into their games, but we were told about a new location which had opened in Belltown just a block East on the same street.
Jupiter on 2nd Avenue in Seattle
Jupiter bills itself as having “art, games, food & drinks” and there’s no doubt they heavily push the art angle, even calling themselves an “Artcade”.
We’ve had arcades, barcades and now artcades
As you walk inside the art references are revealed, with huge murals painted on many of the interior walls.
Some of the mural art at Jupiter
More of the mural art at Jupiter
More of the mural art at Jupiter
There are also numerous pictures and paintings on the other walls from well over a dozen different artists.
At the front of the building is the food preparation area and seating, while to the right is the bar.
The bar at Jupiter
We say “food preparation area” rather than “kitchen” as the food options are relatively modest, consisting of three salads (house/Caesar/Italian), soup, sliders and a selection of eight grilled sandwiches.  Eight is also the magic number when it comes to the choice of tap beers.  While that’s pretty good in many places, in a craft beer heavy city like Seattle it’s a relatively humble offering.  That said, the range was good and there’s nice selection of cans in the fridge, while the spirits, cocktails and winter warmers are some of the bar’s strong points.
But we are mainly here for the pinball, and Jupiter certainly doesn’t disappoint in that regard.
The arcade area is at the back of the building and under the subdued lighting they have an impressive selection of pinballs from across the decades.
Some of the pinballs at Jupiter
The Medieval Madness was getting some attention when we visited
This row of classic Bally games is a signature feature of Jupiter’s arcade
All the machines we played were in great condition.
We were there on a Tuesday evening and it turned out there is a weekly “three-strikes”