Just a quick post here, but it’s worth noting that Konami has released the latest version of their iconic DDR series in Japan, by the name of DDR A20.
The “20” part of the name is to indicate that this is celebrating 20 years of Dance Dance Revolution, further enhanced by the appearance of the golden game cabinet. I know they aren’t related at all, but the gold finish reminds me of the golden carts for The Legend of Zelda on the NES.
Konami posted this livestream of the game, which went on for almost two hours:

Here’s a Twitter account has been posting a ton of videos and some thoughts on the game (all in Japanese).
Locations that grab two of them can also grab a sound guard:

【アミューズメント情報!!】当店にて遂にDDR20thアニバーサリーモデルが入荷しました圧倒的な存在感をはなつ黄金のDDRをぜひ体感してみて下さい…!!4階にて稼動中です#DDRA20 #すすラ pic.twitter.com/YmZyXN2JvX
— ラウンドワン札幌すすきの店 (@r1_susukino) March 20, 2019

Chances of this showing up in the States? You’ll find it at Round 1 USA, but good luck elsewhere. Like Konami’s other games of recent memory, there is no official production & distribution on the US side, so you’ll have to hope that a location near you imports it (and by my understanding, you have to import quite a few of them to even buy it, you can’t order just one).
Chances of this showing up in Europe? Pretty good, thanks to Electrocoin. They have DDR A listed and available for Euro locations to add to their selections, although I do not know how much they are going for.
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