Amusement Expo 2024 is a little over a month from today and LAI Games is here to tease a new title to spice up an otherwise slow week. Well, slow for arcade news. Thanks to Jdevy and Henri in the AH Discord for sharing these. Let’s take a look


Earlier this week, I was told by a distributor that a game called “Smash VX” would be making an appearance at Amusement Expo. That was all there was to it, so I couldn’t run a story on that. I’m also glad to have waited, since VX must have been a typo.

Here’s a teaser trailer:

Developed in partnership with a company called Superwin (who in the past did a game called Interstellar Team), it’s a racing game with an offroad focus. While the trailer doesn’t provide much more than that, there is a possibility that it has been testing overseas at Timezone Singapore.

As seen in this reel, there’s a new game on test at a location called Westgate, called Extreme Offroad. If it’s the same game (and there is a good chance it is, given how similar elements look between the two), then it appears to be a fast-paced, possibly combat involved racer. The “smash-ing” element also reminds me of Dirty Drivin’, although what is seen in the video below doesn’t show any vehicle collisions:

What do you think? Is Extreme Offroad the same as Smash DX? Is this a game you’d like to play at your local arcade?

As a note, I will be at Amusement Expo ’24 (AEI24) to play and film the new games on-hand. Stay tuned for a preview of the games that will be there, once we’re closer to the event.

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