On Saturday 21st November, Deeproot Pinball placed two prototype models of their upcoming Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland (RAZA) game in the What’s Brewing coffee shop in San Antonio for guests to play.

The promotional poster for the event

Jordan and Becca from Fliptronic asked Deeproot if it would be OK to stream the game and they agreed, with Robert Mueller and Steven Bowden from the company taking part in the presentation.

Setting up the live stream

This was the first public showing of the game since the Houston Arcade Expo one year earlier, and it demonstrated some of the changes made since the abortive public launch of RAZA in September 2020. It wasn’t any kind of official launch event, just an opportunity for Deeproot Pinball to show their progress to date and demonstrate some of the gameplay.

There were two games set up at What’s Brewing; one base ‘Arcade’ model and one top-of-the-range ‘Extra’ variant.

The Extra RAZA game on the left, the Arcade model on the right

The Arcade model features a more traditional hinged backbox design but includes the novel wrap-around translite artwork we saw previously. The artwork design is different from the higher-end models, lacking the game credits found on the Extra version.

The Arcade edition of RAZA

One of the most innovative and discussed features of the RAZA design is the Pinbar – the touchscreen display panel built into the lockbar. The original design had sharp corners where the player rested their hands, but this has now been rounded to make it more comfortable.

The rounded corners on the new Pinbar lockbar

The stream from Fliptronic included Steven Bowden demonstrating some of the Pinbar’s features – both the in-game choices and the service menus. The latter includes the diagnostics and set-up options to fault-find and adjust the game’s settings including connecting it to a Wi-Fi router to upload scores and download updates. The in-game options included starting the game, seeing the features currently available or coming up, activating the magnasave, purchasing items or starting modes from the Atomic Shop, and entering your details for high score tables.

The basic instructions are shown on the Pinbar

The second game was