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Hello!  First, a HUGE THANK YOU to our supporters and monthly subscribers, who are automatically entered into the monthly drawings.
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LE Correspondence
About once a week, I send an email out to our LE subscribers that includes early access to information coming up on TWIP and/or rumors and information that is “not fit for TWIP”, and/or behind the scenes happenings at TWIP and in the industry.  For example, I have shared with LE subscribers several titles that are not listed on TWIP as I do not feel like I have enough evidence to list them publicly, but I’ve heard rumors and rumblings that these licenses have been acquired.  We do ask you to NOT share this information with others.  You also get direct access to ask me any questions you have, and I’ll answer them the best that I can.  The cost is $20/month, and REALLY helps support this website to keep it going.
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(ok, we get it, don’t over-do it now……. )

And Black Friday Giveaway Winners are…drumroll…

2 Coasters in a Gift Box from Pinball