I didn’t expect to post anything today, but I found some free time and it should be quick anyways. And to those who celebrate it, I hope you’re having a great Christmas!
Note that the two games mentioned here today are on location test and may (or may not) change between now and when/if they are released.
Gimmick! EXACT ☆ MIX (Exa-Arcadia)
It’s been a while – almost a year – since we first heard about the remake of a late era NES game Gimmick! coming to arcades via the Exa platform and earlier this morning, the company tweeted about a Japanese location test for the game while giving us a fresh look at the platformer. It also confirms that this is the first Exa-Arcadia exclusive title (designed by an internal team called EXA AM1), not based upon a pre-existing game found on PC, console or mobile platforms. More games for the Exa will be announced at the beginning of the coming year, so stay tuned. If you can’t see the embed below, here’s a direct link.

開発:チームEXA AM1
アレンジサウンド担当:並木 学@manabn
是非ご参加ください! pic.twitter.com/yZw2jhD8xV
— exA-Arcadia公式 (@exaarcadia) December 25, 2019

Freefall (Bay Tek Entertainment)
Thanks to Jdevy for the tip on this one. While Bay Tek has often taken prototypes to IAAPA, they don’t always do so, which is the case with this game called Freefall. It’s essentially an endless runner but you’re seeing how far down you can get in an attempt to reach level 0. You can hit the sides up to three times, then it’s game over; I assume if you reach the bottom then you win the bonus batch of tickets. Keep in mind that Bay Tek has shown off a few videmption titles before that never reach production stage.

Also speaking of Bay Tek, you can catch a very brief glimpse of another variation of