There are a couple of new games spotted on test out there that some of you might be interested in, so let’s take a quick look! As a note, every game on test could underperform and end up not being released; Or the game could undergo  some changes (major or minor) from what you see here.

Taiko No Tatsujin (Bandai Namco Am.)

It’s been a little bit since we’ve heard about Namco’s signature rhythm game, and today it has shown up at the Anime Expo 2023 event in Los Angeles. This tweet shows a Namco employee standing to  the side, while the tweeter below states it’s the same cabinet used for the Plano, TX test. I haven’t heard from Namco as to how it’s been doing, nor an ETA on whether/when it will release:

UPDATE: It’s doing well enough that a rep has stated that they’re looking into organizing US tournaments; There’s also an English page for Taiko arcade support that can be found here (thanks to Jdevy & nsm on Discord for sharing those links)

Axel City 2 (exA-Arcadia)

The long awaited sequel to the early 2000’s PC fighter is finally close to a release, with the game hitting the testing circuit in Japan. Per this tweet, it will begin testing on Monday, while the website currently states that the game will launch in August. Like Dynamite Bomb, this game will be exclusive to arcades and particularly the exA platform, in part because exA funded and took part in the game’s development. The tweet also has the latest game trailer attached to it (scroll past the tweet for more discussion):

UPDATE: ExA posted the attract mode trailer for AC2 to YouTube, so here it is in case there are issues with the tweet embed:

Using the Twitter translation, there are a couple of notable features that we didn’t know about before (the 40-character roster has  been touted for a long time). First, the game purports to have only 0.3 frames of input lag, making it even faster than Dynamite Bomb!!, which runs at an already blazing fast 0.5. Second, the game features a “25-person kumite mode,” which is a challenge that gives the player one round to defeat 25 opponents (all who have a max meter).

We won’t know the price on this until pre-orders open, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s around $1550 like the other fighters for the system. Here’s the game as seen at Amusement Expo 2023:

Which of these games are you excited for?


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