It’s time for another update on the latest arcade locations to open their doors up out there around the world. Let’s get to it!
Bass Pro Shops / Uncle Buck’s FishBowl & Grill restaurants (Multiple Locations)
Distributor Player One Amusement Group sent out a press release on this major effort to provide a chain of restaurants with some cutting edge game rooms. The new arcades began to open up last year, and the relationship will continue to provide locations with “customized experiences in the new family fun centers.” To further quote from the press release:
The first three family fun centers opened in late 2018 at Bass Pro Shops locations in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Destin, Florida and Round Rock, Texas, quickly becoming popular new attractions for guests of all ages. Several additional family fun centers are planned to open at various Bass Pro Shops locations in the coming months and years.
We’ll certainly keep an eye out for those to report in future posts; while we don’t have a games list for all of the locations, you can see an example of how these are designed (redemption & video mix) from one of the locations with this image.

Big Cedar Lodge property in Ridgedale, Missouri

The Hidden Pinball Room At A Grocery Store (College Park, MD)
Thanks to Knapp Arcade for this one. While the story at Atlas Obscura doesn’t show a date, this does look recent.
While you can end up finding arcade machines at a variety of businesses that have waiting areas or other empty spaces, grocery stores don’t always come to mind these days (they used to, back in the 80’s). In modern times, such places will have a bulk vending rack and maybe a merchandiser by the doors, but arcade machines? There isn’t a single place I can think of that does. Much less pinball.
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