I’ll keep on saying this until it somehow gets stuck into the public’s consciousness, but the amusement industry is on fire right now. Dozens of locations continue to open their doors out there, and there are new games aplenty to satisfy those venues.
H/T to Replay Magazine for highlighting many of these in their news coverage (Manianc’s Mansion, Quarters Bar+Arcade, Pixels Arcade,). Let’s get to it, as quite a few new locations have opened up to cover here:
Maniac’s Mansion (Witchita, TX)
Having opened two weeks ago on the 29th of March, Maniac’s Mansion follows the standard retro arcade business model (mainly classic titles with everything on free play, just pay the admission fee) with one important exception – it’s also a cereal bar. I suppose that would make it the only “cerealcade” I know of. For their game selection, they have: Centipede, Crisis Zone, DDR Supernova, Mario Bros., Space Invaders, Super Zaxxon and many more, although that’s all I could glean from a few of the photos. You can find them on Facebook, here.

Quarters Bar+Arcade (Longmont, CO)
With a Quarters Arcade Bar having opened up not long ago in Salt Lake City, I thought that this might be the same company at first, but the About page indicates that this is being run by Colorado locals. Bringing a bar/arcade concept to the Longmont area, they opened back in February. While it is called Quarters, you won’t need them as they use a wrist band system, following a similar games-on-free-play model that most bar/arcades use. They currently have 16 games, including: Area 51: Site 4, Big Buck Safari, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Mortal Kombat 4, Pac-Man Battle Royale, Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash, Raiden II, Skee Ball and more. Find them on Facebook here.

Apex Entertainment Center (Syracuse, NY)
Located inside of the Destiny “Luxury Shopping Complex” is