We’re in the middle of December already, so it’s a good time to get you up-to-date on the latest happenings in the wonderful world of new arcades – specifically, arcade locations/businesses that have opened their doors. Hopefully one of these locations is near you; if so, be sure to drop in, buy some tokens or a card and give them some love.
One more reminder: Our Game of the Decade poll ends tomorrow, so make sure that you vote in case you haven’t already!
Let’s jump in:
Mikado Game Center Europe (Navarra, Spain)
Known for making a traditional arcade work in the heart of Japan, Mikado took a somewhat odd jump for their first international location – setting up a base in the challenging market of Europe. I know that Arcade Belgium has been able to find some success in focusing on Japanese gaming in their neck of the woods, so perhaps that all MGCE needs to do in Spain. The people behind this one are also very supportive of retro gaming events in Spain. If you are able to drop by, then you’ll find a strong line-up of Japanese arcade games, including: 19XX; Aka & Blue Type-R (first location in Europe with the Exa-Arcadia); Battle Garegga; DonPachi; F355 Ferrari Challenge; Initial D Ver. 2; Let’s Go Jungle DX; Sega Rally 2; Super Street Fighter II X; Toki; Top Skater; and many more. The best place to follow their progress and news seems to be Twitter.

ArCains (Liverpool, UK)
Did I mention that Europe is a challenge? Well, that’s fortunately not a deterrent for those opening new locations right now, as we have a 2nd European location to mention today (generally if we mention any at all, it’s just one spot). This venue is hoping to be “the largest arcade in Europe,” although with this article