It’s been a little while since we did a locations post, and I did a catch-up Newsbytes yesterday, so let’s get back on track by seeing who is new out there. Due to the time, this post is a little longer than usual, so I’m going to list them all out here at the top, then get to each. Today’s post also has a higher concentration of 2nd or 3rd locations for an existing company than normal, which is an interesting indicator as to how arcades are performing out there.
For the new arcades mentioned in this post:

Lvl Up #2 (San Jose, CA)
RecBar 812 #2 (New Albany, IN)
Crazy Quarters Arcade (Bay City, MI)
Discovery Zone (Cincinnati, OH)
Ka-Ko-Jo’s #3 (Idaho Falls, ID)
Level Up Arcade Bar (Limerick, Ireland)
Wayback’s Arcade (Pineville, LA)
Pac-Man Zone (Evansville, IN; Ann Arbor, MI)
BitBar #2 (Temple, TX)
Arcade Galactic (West Valley City, UT)
Round1USA (Eugene, OR)
Andretti Indoor Karting & Games (Katy, TX)

My apologies if I have missed any new venues to open up out there; if so, please let me know and you’ll be included on the next Location Watch!
Lvl Up #2 (Downtown San Jose, CA)
Let’s start with one of those second locations, and one that has been put together in part by a site friend, TJ Beyer. The first location for Lvl Up was established in Campbell, CA, so this location is right next door. You don’t really want to place your locations too far away from each other, unless you’re going into the corporate/franchising route. TJ stated that it has “8-10 pinball machines, basketball, skeeball, driving games, some classics, and other fun stuff” to fill out the game mix; per the photos he has posted online, that includes: Cactus Canyon pin, Cruis’n Blast, Guardians of the galaxy pin [Pro], Guitar Hero Arcade, Monopoly pin, Space Invaders Frenzy, Star Wars pin [Pro],