I like to get at least one locations post in per month, so with it being Jan 31st, we’ll go with it, even though I don’t have quite as many new locations to talk about as usual. If you find yourself near any of these venues, be sure to go and play!
Today’s Location Watch is very international, but we’ll start in the USA with:
The 1up Arcade Bar – Greenwood [Colorado]
We’ll start with one that we received a good cache of information on. Most of the time, I’m just randomly encountering short news stories or social media posts about new arcades; in this case, I was contacted and provided the info. Thanks to Jourdan Adler for this.
We’ve mentioned The 1up Arcade Bar before, a location out in Colorado that has been at the forefront of the bar/arcade revolution. Their success over the years has meant growth, and now they have a 3rd place bearing the name. This content mix of this location has been spearheaded by Jon “Exidy” Jamshid and Donavan Stepp, the former name is one I recognize from the classic gaming community (particularly with vector games). As you can see from these photos, they made sure to cover all of the bases, including Aliens Armageddon, Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX Unlock B (Japanese model), World’s Largest Pac-Man and much more.

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