It’s been a slow news month for arcades, making this post the only location watch post we’ll have for August, but that’s ok. There are still new venues opening their doors out there, showing the continued desire to game away from home.
Per usual, if you find yourself near any of these locations, then please do more than give it a “like” or a “nod” – go there, buy some credits or pay the entry fee and play!
Wilcox Arcade Routes (Hopkinsville, KY)
Let’s start this post by highlighting the first arcade location of a site friend, and a guy who has been making a name for himself on the scene, Dustin Wilcox. While he has just started college, he has put his money where his mouth is by opening two route locations in his area. His main location is at the Main St. Tavern Restaurant in Hopkinsville, which is showcasing a single Fast & Furious machine, Skins Game, The House of the Dead, a multicade, a pool table and some bulk vending machines. The second location only has an interactive bulk vending machine for now; but he has slowly been growing the games he has. One of those is something that I sold to him earlier this year, the indie shoot ’em up Skycurser (that just needs a cabinet); he also has a Lucky ‘N Wild that should find its way into the Tavern at some point.

Altitude Trampoline Park (Pelham, AL)
Trampoline parks have enjoyed a lot of attention in recent times, but it is not always clear if they include an arcade on the premises or not. That isn’t a question at the Altitude Trampoline Park in Pelham, Alabama, where they have put together a small game floor of new games. By what I have seen, they have a crane machine, a