Here’s a kind of post that we haven’t seen in a loooong while, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if there would be another “Location Watch” post for the rest of the year. Fortunately, that assumption is wrong, as there are new locations out there to highlight. It has become a little bit of a challenge as many places have re-opened as opposed to ‘grand opened,’ but I’ve figured it out. It also might seem a little odd to be talking about new venues when so many have permanently closed, but conditions vary from place-to-place.
As always, if you know of an arcade that is opening for the first time, let us know so we can highlight it here.
Tokyo Video Gamers (Akihabara, Japan)
Most of the news coming out of Akihabara lately has been about the closure of the iconic Sega location, but there is a bright spot there too. This particular location in Akihabara has made some news due to one thing different that they are doing – obtaining licenses for their multi-games and for artwork. This tends to come with a single game when you buy a unit, but not when buying one of those 60-in-1 or 3000-in-1 emulators. As it is, they don’t appear to have many game cabinets, but probably plenty of options on the cabs they do have, without it being a legal issue. Licensed art & games come from Arc System Works, City Connection, DotEmu, Sega, SNK and more. Visit their official website here.
The Mineshaft (Oshkosh, WI)
I heard about this back in June, where it was obviously in development prior to the pandemic. They probably would have opened in the Spring, but given the situation, their opening in June was a bit of a surprise. That made them one of the first FECs to open