Now that April Fools is past us (until next year ), we can get back to real news. Although this post is dealing with a new find of an old game that never came into being. I love finding information on long lost prototypes and sharing that data here, although it has been a while since we had a new discovery in the arcade space.
Today’s game once again comes from the once-prolific game designers over at Atari. When you look at their list of almost finished games, you think that everything has already been discovered, then something like this pops up out of the blue. The discovery was shared on the AtariAge forums by user Dutchman 2000, who in looking at his posting history, spends a lot of time searching for game treasures and trying to preserve them. He states that he found the data for this title on a 9-track data tape; unfortunately no artwork, screenshots or video appear to have been preserved, although it is possible that this never made it too far beyond the design document.
Garfield itself, in case you are reading this in a place where the comic isn’t published, is a cartoon cat, with the comics having started back in 1978 by artist Jim Davis. Garfield loves lasanga, and making life…interesting for his owner Jon. A number of games and cartoons have been made about him over the years, but when Garfield’s Quest was being proposed at Atari, he was merely a comic strip character who was just getting started in showing up in things like TV commercials.
Who was working on this game is unknown, as the authorship of the document goes by the “Garfield Development Team.” If I were to guess, maybe this was being done by the team who had been working on