Welcome to Pinball News review of the 2019 Midwest Gaming Classic (MGC) held annually in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

The MGC logo seemed to be everywhere in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI is a wonderfully interesting and diverse city. It has the vibe of a larger U.S. city such as New York or Philadelphia while maintaining the heritage and customs of the Central Europeans who migrated to Milwaukee in the 1840’s. Milwaukee is bordered on the east by the vast Lake Michigan (one of the largest inland freshwater lakes in the world with a volume of 1,180 cu mi) and on the west by relatively flat terrain and farmland. Milwaukee has three major waterways that flow inland from Lake Michigan; the Menomonee, the Kinnickinnic and the Milwaukee. Smaller rivers, such as the Root River and Lincoln Creek also run through the city.

It’s easy to understand with the many freshwater rivers, why Milwaukee became famous for its adult beverage businesses.

Milwaukee has a excellent range of arts and entertainment, such as the Milwaukee Art Museum on the lakefront, the recently remodeled Harley-Davidson Motor Company Museum, The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory (also known as “The Domes”), The Captain Frederic Pabst Mansion, and The Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear to name but a sampling.

Downtown Milwaukee has a good selection of beautiful boutique hotels such as The Pfister and The Knickerbocker in addition to more famous chains. It seems like everywhere that you turn there is a charming restaurant, tavern or night club to visit; especially in the rapidly gentrifying Walker’s Point and Historic Third Ward neighborhoods.

The MGC has been able to negotiate special ‘show’ rates with three of the hotels surrounding their location in the Wisconsin Center. All three hotels have “skyway” access to the show, so there is no need to expose yourself to the often times uncomfortable mid-April Wisconsin weather (more on that later). The special show rates save quite a bit of money so if you are planning a trip to the MGC in 2020, I’d strongly advise making your hotel reservations as soon as your travel plans have been settled.

The MGC began as Jag2k1