When we were touring the main hall at the Texas Pinball Festival earlier this year, one of the stand-out items on show was an edgier, scarier, re-imagined version of the Monster Bash translite which was on display at the Back Alley Creations stand.

Back Alley Creations’ stand at the Texas Pinball Festival 2019

We needed to find out more about how and why it was created, and whether any other games could be getting the same treatment. So, we went straight to the source and spoke to the creator of the translite, Brian Allen.

The framed Monster Bash translite

Brian is no stranger to pinball, getting his first commission from Heighway Pinball where he designed backglass artwork for the Limited Edition of the Alien machine.

He told us, “Andrew Heighway had reached out to me and needed something very quickly in time for Alien Day. At the time, I had no idea about the shaky history of the Alien machine, and I was really disappointed that the company dissolved just a couple weeks after I had finished. We had originally planned on doing a second version that would allow a space for the optional LCD screen, but Andrew left the company before that could be finished so the backglass wasn’t used much, or at all. I was devasted when that happened because it felt like a great opportunity had just vanished and I had no control over it. But as a freelancer, you learn that sometimes those things just happen, and you learn to just keep moving and don’t dwell on it.”

Undeterred, Brian has also worked on logos for pinball clubs, rethemed a Judge Dredd into a custom Breaking Bad game, and created a backglass for the next Quetzal Pinball title, due for release next year.

With a lengthy back-catalogue of clients such as Activision, Hulk Hogan, Rick and Morty, Harley Davidson, Hard Rock Cafe, Metallica, and the Philadelphia Flyers – where he designed their new mascot, Gritty – we wondered why Brian wanted to get back into designing for pinball, particularly after the disappointment with his Alien experience?

He said, “I’ve always loved the unapologetic