It’s been the worst kept secret in the business, and now the drapes have been pulled back from Chicago Gaming’s Monster Bash Remake!
For those who might be too young, or simply never came across the game, Monster Bash was an original table design released by Williams back in 1998. Designed by George Gomez, it consistently places in the top 10 lists of beloved pinball machines. With a classic monster theme (starring Dracula, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, a Mummy and others) and a plentiful helping of tongue-in-cheek humor, it’s one of those themes that is timeless, only suffering in age from wear & tear on the parts after 20 years.
For Chicago Gaming, this marks the third remake that they’ll have brought to the market in recent times. The first was Medieval Madness, the second Attack From Mars. This has been done in partnership with Planetary Pinball Supply and Stern Pinball, all with the eye of recreating those original works with modern technology. These remakes have been done with the quality of being able to place them on location, where new generations of players can experience the fun they have to offer.

For Monster Bash’s part, the game is now available for pre-order through Chicago Gaming’s distributors. It is being produced in three models: Classic, Special and Limited Editions (pricing is here). The official page for the game mentions that all three versions enjoy “numerous features that were never before available and are exclusive to Monster Bash Remake.”

The classic version (pictured above) is closest to the original release, with the ability to upgrade to a color dot matrix display if the buyer is willing to pay.
Stepping up to the Special Edition, you get a larger color display as a part of the default package; a “premium” sound system upgrade that includes LED lighting tied to the