When production of Multimorphic’s P3 pinball platform began, the assembly was undertaken by a contract manufacturer. Now all the pre-orders have been fulfilled, current and future machines will be built in Multimorphic’s new facility in Round Rock, Texas.

The Multimorphic factory in Round Rock, Texas

Inside the 5,000 square feet building nearly all the floor space is used for game manufacturing. Everyone works on the floor, so there are no offices and only a solitary meeting room.

An overview of the Multimorphic factory unit

Game construction uses multiple parts and sub-assemblies built either in-house or coming in from external suppliers. Deliveries have to be inspected, checked and measured before they become stock items.

Stock items on the shelves at the back of the building

Items on the front shelves are ready to go into machines as they are assembled

Cables on the front shelves ready to go into the next machine

Building and testing of sub-assemblies

Slingshots and flipper assemblies are built in-house using custom frames

Some parts are 3D printed in the factory. During our visit, they were making fan housings for the magnets on the Cosmic Cart Racing playfield module.

3D printing fan housings

A completed fan housing takes around three hours to make

Trough sub-assemblies

There are many different screws, bolts, nuts and posts used to build a machine or a module

Building games and playfield modules

A complete Lexy Lightspeed playfield module

Monitors for the Cannon Lagoon playfield module alongside speakers and subwoofers

Magnetic cabinet and backbox artwork in a custom-made drawer unit

A newly-built Lexy Lightspeed P3 machine

Playfield modules can be bought separately, so these are assembled in the factory too.

Separate upper playfield modules for Cosmic Cart Racing

So far, Multimorphic have three upper playfield modules – Lexy Lightspeed, Cannon Lagoon and Cosmic Cart Racing – along with their associated games, but they are working on a fourth which will only be revealed once it is available to buy

The mysterious fourth playfield module

Some of the games available on the P3 platform

When we visited we got to play the new four-player head-to-head Cosmic Cart Racing using the two machines above plus two more elsewhere in the factory.

The head-to-head play will allow machines across the world to