When you have a collection of nearly 1,300 machines it’s almost inevitable you will have a number of duplicates.  The Pacific Pinball Museum is in that position, and with around 900 unique titles that leaves nearly 400 duplicate machines in their collection, all of which take up valuable storage space.
So the Museum has decided to have a clear out of their surplus games by holding a sale on Saturday 23rd June, 2018.
Pinball machines in storage at the Pacific Pinball Museum
At the time of writing nearly 130 machines are available, ranging from a 1948 Triple Action – the Steve Kordek design which was the first to feature two flippers at the bottom of the playfield – through to two copies of the 1989 cocktail game, Night Moves.  The machines are keenly-priced, with Night Moves machines going for $450 each and the others ranging from $200 (Soccer, Little League, 4 Aces and Monte Carlo) to $1,500 (Capt. Fantastic and F-14 Tomcat).  All prices attract the standard Californian 9.5% sales tax.
The sale will take place at the Pacific Pinball Museum’s warehouse annex at 1680 Viking Street in Alemeda, California, starting at 10am and continuing until 4pm.  Machines are sold as-is, and while they can be held for up to 30 days after the sale, buyers are responsible for pick-up and delivery.  Proceeds will go to benefit the Museum.