It is no surprise – and probably won’t be for a while – that the effects of the covid-19 pandemic will have changed a lot about the arcade industry, along with pretty much every other one out there. Because arcades are “location-based entertainment,” and public locations have either been experiencing a huge decrease in business either due to restricted openings, lengthy closures or the prospect of closures hitting them again, it’s a bit of a miracle that any have survived this long. Unfortunately, losses can only be sustained for so long before some companies cannot take it anymore, and the latest victim of the pandemic as we enter the 12th month is Namco USA.
Because the corporate entity known as Namco (or Bandai Namco to be exact) has several separate divisions, it’s often been rather confusing for people when discussed. You have divisions for the home side, then the amusement side, and they all have had some independence from the other. For Namco USA, their focus has been arcade locations – better known as “site operations.” They don’t develop games or have anything to do with that subject – they simply have staffed and operated quite a number of locations out there over the years, including the Play Time or Time Out locations found in Wal-Marts, AMC Theaters and of course there’s Pac-Man Entertainment. Their main website still reflects that, although that may change pretty soon.
This morning in Japan, Bandai Namco corporate issued a press release stating that after a loss of $13 billion yen, they have sold Namco USA among three different, private bidders.  I was wondering if something like this was about to happen, given that in January I was contacted by a distributor with a huge list of equipment at bargain pricing, all of it from shuttered Namco-operated