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 You can buy a mod like…

RONAN’S HAMMER – Guardians of the Galaxy


What is Ronan’s Hammer?  Ready to nerd-out??  Ok, Ronan is the bad guy, and his Hammer is his main weapon.  And once he gets the Orb and puts the Power Stone in his Hammer…well the Hammer becomes very powerful.  No spoilers but it is a crucial part of the first movie.  Here is a pic of Ronan wielding the hammer in the movie!


Check out this mod below:


This is NOT THE GAME to identify, this is a cool mod from Mezel Mods, scroll down further!

Click here for more info and to purchase this mod!


Do you want to sell your mod on Mezel Mods?  Click Here to email them for more info!

Sponsored by MEZEL MODS


Identify the pinball machine pictured below for a chance to win a gift card to Mezel Mods!  Visit Mezel Mods here to check out some of the coolest mods in pinball!  Drawing will be held monthly!

Photo courtesy of High End Pins

Last Week’s answer: Safe Cracker


Email guesses to [email protected], correct answers will be entered into the drawing for Mezel Mods Gift Card!


January/February winner of a Free Ultimate LED kit (up to a $300 value): Alex Huffman


Past Winners:

December’s winner (Marco Specialties Swag): Will Oetting

November winner (Comet Pinball gift card): Craig Kroll

October winner (Titan Pinball gift card): J.M. Ratkos

September winner (Mezel Mods gift card): Steve Flake

August winner (Pinball Life gift card): Todd Baumeister

July winner (Pinball Life gift card): Dylan Bristowe


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