Just a quickie post here. We recently highlighted news about Taito looking to test their NESiCAxLive 2 digital download arcade network in the states, and now it has begun. This tweet from the official Round 1 account provides the locations as well as a date…we have most of this month to check it out:

#NesicaxLive2 Location Test until January 27, 2019At Round1:︎Puente Hills Mall⁰︎South Center Mall⁰︎Shops at South Town⁰︎Southwest Plaza⁰︎Grapevine Mills⁰︎Foxvalley Mall⁰︎Great Lakes Crossing⁰︎Stonecrest Mall⁰︎Broadway Mall⁰︎Maine Mall pic.twitter.com/3tp8eKJ7Za
— Round1 USA (@Round1USA) January 4, 2019

I’m still very busy in setting up a new route location, but I will see if I can manage to visit the “Shops at South Town” location that is near me to see how this is. The question I have after the test though is: if successful, then what? What are the costs? How will it be distributed? That would be helpful to know…

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